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Teeth Whitening
Attain a Bright and Shining Smile

Teeth Whitening Dana Point

In-office teeth whitening can help you restore a bright smile that radiates with energy.  Numerous patients experience a discoloration of their teeth, this may be due to drinking soda, wine, or smoking, it can also be the result of aging.  Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in Dr. Todd’s repertoire.  We offer two types of bleaching procedures, which include power bleaching and the Take Home tray system.

Power bleaching is exclusively performed in the office.  The selected teeth are isolated from the gums and a strong bleaching solution is applied to brighten them.   The results can be seen almost immediately after the treatment.

The Take Home tray system is a different type of whitening procedure which is dispensed and supervised by our office.   A professional strength bleaching gel is worn at home. These gels are used in a custom tray specially designed to fit your teeth.  This system delivers a complete and smile-enhancing result while producing minimal sensitivity after the treatment.

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