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A periodontal disease can be a detrimental problem that affects the long-term health of your teeth.  Generally, the symptoms of a disease includes bleeding gums, mobile teeth, and bad breath.  Dana Point dentist Dr. Rodd is an expert in periodontics and can provide early screenings for diseases.

A periodontal disease is not treated in a single visit.  Scaling and root planing is generally the first step of a treatment.  Gum surgery may also be required if the disease is serious or in an advanced stage.

If left untreated, periodontal diseases can result in severe pain, infection, and tooth loss.  Another concern of periodontal diseases is their association with more systemic problems.  Recent studies continue to reveal correlations between periodontal diseases and overall health.

Most diseases stem from the buildup of calculus in your mouth.  This can result from leftover foods and wastes that are hardened over time.  Calculus can be removed by maintaining a proper daily brushing and cleaning routine.  When calculus is located under the gum line, they can only be removed by scaling and root planing.

Scaling and root planing involves a thorough cleaning of your gum line.  During this process, the surfaces of your teeth are smoothed.  This treatment reduces the amount of bacteria, inflammation, and calculus located in the pockets below your gum line.  Additional products that can help reduce bacterial levels are electric toothbrushes and specialized mouth wash.

For periodontal maintenance, you can schedule regular visits with your dentist or periodontist.  These visits will allow the areas that your toothbrush cannot reach to be cleaned.  Some conditions may require the placement of an antibiotic formula in the pockets under your gums.

Most patients who have periodontal disease may need to schedule multiple visits per year to manage the condition.  Consistent and regular visits are required to avoid additional bone loss and repeated cleanings of the gum line.

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