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Pediatric Dentistry
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Pediatric Dentist Dana Point

Childcare during Dental Appointments

Our staff does not provide childcare or monitoring services during your dental appointments.

It is generally not recommended to have your children back in the treatment room during your appointments. This will expose your child to unnecessary germs and may complicate your dental treatment, even during a cleaning. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call and speak with a staff member. We ask that if you must bring your child to your dental appointment that you also bring another adult to care for the child in the waiting room while you are with the Doctor.

Age for First Dental Visit

We recommend that your children see a dentist between six months and age one for his or her first dental examination. This recommendation replaces the “visit the dentist by age 3″ idea. The parent or guardian who is brushing the child’s teeth routinely should be at this appointment. Dr. Rodd recommends taking your child to a Pediatric Dentist. He generally does not accept children as patients until at least age six. We do however, provide referrals to other pediatric dentists around the area.

Earlier dental visits may allow the dentist to diagnose developmental dental conditions, reduce improper dietary habits, and treat dental cavities when the problem is smaller. Starting proper dental hygiene habits with a child younger than one year is usually much easier than starting during the toddler years. The newest recommendations for children’s dental care include establishing an effective dental hygiene by their first birthday. There is great success when the first dental visit is scheduled when your child is feeling cheerful.

Dr. Rodd also recommends healthy lollipops for your child! Dr. John’s Candies® has developed a line of Xylitol candies including an all natural Xylitol lollipop with no artificial sweeteners, flavorings, or colors.

Xylitol Benefits:
* Reduces decay-causing plaque (bacteria) levels
* Promotes healing of the initial start of an enamel cavity (remineralization)
* Maintains a non-acidic environment for your teeth
* Inhibits growth, adhesion and metabolism of major decay-causing bacteria
* Increases salivary flow
* Prevents transfer of decay-causing bacteria from mother to baby
* Lessens the occurrence of inner ear infections

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