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Dental X-Rays
A Detailed Look at Your Dental Health

Dental X-Ray

We provide different types of x-ray exams depending on your tooth structure or condition.  These include 4 bitewings, periapical, and full mouth series x-rays.   We perform our x-rays using the American Dental Association’s guidelines, which includes taking x-rays with low amounts of radiation exposure.

4 bitewings x-rays only examine your back teeth. This reveals bone growth around your teeth as well as the presence of cavities.  These x-rays are commonly conducted on a regular basis, because they reveal problems that are difficult to view or feel until they become severe.  We are dedicated to diagnosing any dental problems as early as possible.

A periapical x-ray typically examines the entire tooth structure, including crown and complete root of one to two teeth.  A PA x-ray is a more thorough examination than the 4 bitewings.   They are more common for patients who are experiencing a toothache or suspect a possible dental infection.

Full Mouth Series (SMS) examinations are performed using a set of 14-18 individual x-rays, which can include 4 that are bitewings and 14 that are periapical.  If you have had much dental treatment in the past, this may be the general survey taken of your mouth every few years. Insurance will typically cover a FMS every 3-5 years.

The frequency of dental x-rays depends on your individual needs and condition.   For patients that have frequently experienced or have a large amount of tooth decay, dental x-rays must be performed more frequently than those who do not.

Your decision to take a dental x-ray is also based on your current situation. If you are experiencing dental pain, x-rays may be necessary.

You can also opt to decline an x-ray procedure, this involves signing a form or including in your chart you do not wish to conduct the examination.   X-rays are an important process in numerous dental treatments, choosing not to undergo an x-ray may affect the results of these procedures. We will inform you of additional effects that may result from your decision.

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