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Dental Implants San Clemente
Turn Tooth Gaps Into a Revitalized Smile!

Dental Implants San Clemente

Dental implants provide an efficient solution to replacing missing teeth and securing partial or complete dentures.  They work in strengthening dental appliances and ensure restorations remain effective.  San Clemente dental implants specialist Dr. Ian Rodd is highly respected in the area for his precise restorations of missing teeth.

Dental Implants provide the following benefits:

  • Replace single or multiple missing teeth
  • Resolve joint pain or incorrect bite
  • Restore a beautiful smile
  • Improve dental functions
  • Secures bridges or dentures

This treatment is consists of artificial roots and teeth that are surgically inserted onto the jawbone.  They are securely attached to the jawbone and begin to undergo osseointegration, this process involves the fusing of tissue with the implant.

After six months of healing, the implant should be completely secured in the jawbone.  The next phase is the aesthetic restoration of the teeth.  An artificial tooth will be created to replace the missing one.  These are known as crowns and are thoroughly customized to match the natural features of your smile.

Once the crowns are securely attached to the implants, the result is a renewed smile with excellent stability and condition.

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