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Dental FAQ
Questions and Answers


How can I contact Dr. Rodd after office hours?

Call the office immediately and you will be provide with Dr. Rodd’s emergency phone number.  If you do not reach the dentist directly, please leave a message.  Your call will be returned promptly.  If Dr. Rodd is out-of-town, he will have arranged for another local dentist to cover any dental emergencies.  Be aware of any symptoms that may indicate a dental problem.

Life-threatening reactions to medications, difficulty breathing or serious facial trauma needs to be treated in an emergency room prior to any treatment by your general dentist.

What does a routine dental check-up include?

The status of your gum will be evaluated and you medical history will be updated.  We can perform cleanings during these check-ups as well.  If there are any problems found, an x-ray may be taken.  If you suspect a dental problem, please let the doctor or assistant know.

Can a regular check-up fix any issue?

A check-up consists of an examination, (x-rays if needed), and cleanings, this leaves little time to complete any intensive dental procedures.  If time permits however, we provide prompt treatment for any problems found during or before the check-up.  Minor dental issues can also be treated during a regular check-up.  If you are experiencing anything unusual with your teeth, please let the staff or doctor know before the check-up.

Why do I provide my email address?

We ask for your email address to confirm whether or not you prefer to communicate with us electronically.   For some of our patients, it is more convenient to receive an email reminder about an upcoming dental appointment, instead of a postcard or phone call.  We also have email notifications that inform patients if the office is closed on a certain holiday, or if the doctor is on vacation.  We, of course, respect your privacy and will not share your email address with anyone else.

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